About us

Welcome to Smart Home Machines

  • We are on a mission to transform your living space into an example of modern convenience and efficiency, using using latest automation technology. 
  • Our passion lies in harnessing technology to create smart homes that simplify your daily life and reduce your environmental burden.

Why Choose Us for Smart Automation?

Your Home, Your Oasis

Your home is a sacred heaven where you can relax and cherish every moment. With our smart home devices, we empower you to customize your environment to preserve your unique lifestyle, using the most advanced digital devices. We help you set the perfect lighting for your body and eyes with intelligent bulbs, control the thermostat remotely to keep you safe from excessive heat exposure, or secure your home with state-of-the-art intelligent security cameras and products, we put the power in your hands.

Efficiency Redefined

We understand the value of time and resources. Our smart automation devices are designed to optimize your energy consumption, lowering utility bills and contributing to a greener planet. Imagine a home that adapts to your preferences and automates the settings to save energy when you’re away.

Seamless Integration

Our commitment to excellence can be seen in our selection of smart products. We offer a wide range of compatible digital devices from leading brands, carefully tested to ensure seamless integration. This means that all your smart appliances can communicate effortlessly to create an interconnected smart environment within your home.

Our Sevices

Smart bulbs know how to Illuminate your home and set the mood for any occasion. Installed chips and intelligent software integrations make them too sophisticated to be controlled from your smartphone, voice, and gestures.

Smart Lighting with Smart Bulbs

Experience comfort with the smart thermostats. They help you to regulate your home's temperature remotely to save energy without compromising on coziness and balance of mood.

Climate Control with Smart Thermostats:

Our smart security cameras help you to protect your loved ones and belongings. From video doorbells to smart locks, you can monitor your home's safety from anywhere in the world.

Smart Security Solutions with Smart Security Cameras

Say the word and your home responds. Our compatibility with popular virtual assistants makes life truly hands-free

Voice Activation and Automation